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20/03-2017 08:08:15: (ARCUS) Arcus ASA - Disclosure of large shareholding

Canica AS ("Canica") has on 19 March 2017 acquired 
15,200,000 shares in Arcus ASA ("Arcus") from Ratos AB 
( "Ratos") at a price of NOK 47.40 per share, and thereby 
becomes the largest shareholder in Arcus with 22,650,552 
shares, corresponding to 33.30% of the outstanding shares.

In connection with the IPO of Arcus, Ratos agreed to a lock-
up of its shares in Arcus for a period of 180 days after the 
first day of listing of the Arcus' shares on the Oslo Stock 
Exchange. Ratos' lock up undertaking with respect to the 
shares to be sold to Canica AS and Sundt AS has been waived 
by ABG and SEB against similar lock up undertakings from 
Canica AS and Sundt AS in favour of ABG and SEB for the 
remainder of said 180 days period.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements 
pursuant to section 4-3 of the Norwegian Securities Trading 

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