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11/08-2017 17:27:56: (DNB) Share buy-back

DNB ASA has on 11 August 2017 purchased 240,000 own shares 
at an average price of NOK  149.7037  per share. After this, 
DNB ASA owns a total of 5,330,034 own shares. 

The repurchase of shares is part of the share buy-back 
programme announced by DNB ASA on 12 July 2017. The buy-back 
programme comprises up to approximately 8.1 million shares, 
of which up to approximately 5.4 million will be repurchased 
in the open market. The rest will be redeemed from the state 
of Norway on a proportionate basis, subject to approval from 
DNB ASA's annual general meeting in 2018, so that its 
current ownership interest of 34.00% will remain unaffected 
following completion of the buy-back programme.

For further information about the share buy-back programme, 
DNB ASA refers to the Oslo Stock Exchange notification made 
on 12 July 2017 (available from 

Ekstern link:

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