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14/09-2017 13:14:16: (GES.CPH) Sale of the Danish wind portfolio

ing the equity in profitable and 
accretive assets..  
The Board of Directors 
For further information, please contact: 
Peter Høstgaard-Jensen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tel: +45 40 10 88 71 
                                  Alessandro Reitelli, CEO, Tel: +45 33 36 42 02wn wind farms in 
Denmark for a total installed capacity of more than 200 MW.  
The wind portfolio is composed of four wind farms located in Milbakken, 
Oppelstrup, Hannesborg and Frørup with a total net capacity of 15.5 MW and 
commissioned in 2000/2001.  
The total transaction price for the four wind farms amounts to DKK 24,400,000 
(approx. EUR 3.3M).  
After the satisfaction of some conditions precedent, Greentech expects to 
complete the transaction in Q4 2017.  
Greentech.s Chairman Peter Høstgaard-Jensen comments: .The sale of the four 
Danish wind farms represents the continuation of Greentech.s re-positioning 
strategy, started in 2015, with .portfolio rotation. as one of the Company.s 
strategic key pillars. This  
gives Greentech the possibility of reinvestGreentech Energy Systems A/S
Inside information

Sale of the Danish wind portfolio

Company Announcement No. 11/2017 
                                                   Copenhagen, 14 September 2017 
Today, Greentech Energy Systems A/S (.Greentech.) signed an agreement for the 
sale of its Danish wind portfolio to Wind Estate A/S.  
As announced in the Interim Financial Report for H1 2017, the Management of 
Greentech has been pursuing opportunities for the disposal of the Company.s 
Danish assets. In continuation hereof, Greentech today signed an agreement for 
the sale of its Danish wind portfolio to Wind Estate A/S, an energy company 
which owns, develops, constructs, operates and maintains o

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