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14/03-2018 15:15:49: (ELE) Disclosure of acquisition of shares in Element ASA ("Element")

Element NO0003055808 
Auplata FR0010397760 

Auplata S.A. ("Auplata") has today acquired 610 000 shares in Element, equal to
0.91 % of the share capital. 
Auplata currently holds 3 350 000 shares in Element, equal to 5.0001 % of the
registered share capital. Auplata does not hold any rights to shares. 
About Auplata S.A.
Auplata is a gold mining exploration and operation Group, founded in July 2004,
stock-market listed on Euronext Growth since December 2006. Auplata is the
largest exchange-listed French gold producer and holds the biggest portfolio of
mining assets in French Guiana. The company has a portfolio of assets including
three operations sites in Dieu Merci, Yaou, and Dorlin in French Guiana; three
exploitation sites in Couriège, Bon Espoir and Iracoubo-Sud in French Guiana;
operating one site through a lease agreement in Paul Isnard/Elysée in French
Guiana; and has two exploration sites in Mount Goma and Adzopé, Côte d'Ivoire.
The company is based in Paris, France.

This disclosure is made pursuant to section 4-3 of the Norwegian Securities
Trading Act.

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