Instructions for PrimeTrader Pocket

PrimeTrader Pocket is a scaled down version of  Netfonds PrimeTrader, suitable for small handheld devices like mobile phones and personal data assistants (PDA's).

PrimeTrader Pocket provides the following features:

  • Real time quotes for stocks and indices.
  • Real time order-depths
  • Trading, including functionality for following and altering orders.
As of yet only Oslo Børs (OSE) is supported.  More exchanges will come later if customer demand exists.

Contact with  questions and comments.

PrimeTrader Pocket can be used by all existing users of PrimeTrader, no additional fees are required.

Supported devices

Since PrimeTrader Pocket is written in Java it should in theory work on every Java enabled device available. We have however tested and validated it on the following mobile phones.
  • Sony Ericsson P800
  • Nokia 3650
  • HTC S710
It should also work on most other Java enabled mobile phones, however a large color screen is necessary to have the full benefits of PrimeTrader Pocket.

Please note that the Sony Ericsson T610 is NOT supported due to limitations of the mobile phone.


PrimeTrader Pocket can be installed by downloading the two files PPT.jad and PPT.jar to your computer. Thereafter you must use the software supplied with your mobile phone to install  them on the device.

PrimeTrader Pocket can also be installed from our wap services. Enter and you will find PPT (Java) as an option on the frontpage.

Alternatively you can enter the following address directly on your phone, and installation should start automatically:

Configuring the devices

Before you can run PrimeTrader Pocket on your mobile phone, the device must be configured to connect directly to the Internet. (This is NOT the same as a WAP configuration.) The easiest way is to get your service provider to send you a configuration by SMS, but you can also do it manually.  For both options, check the homepage of your service company for details.
You should also relax or turn off any power-saving modes that disconnects the device when idle, otherwise you may lose connection with our streaming servers. On the HTC when using WLAN, this is done by selecting  Settings -> Connection -> WLAN -> Power Mode, then unselecting the "Auto turn off WLAN...".

User manual

PrimeTrader Pocket is designed to run on small devices, so the number of different screens has been kept as small as possible.
Each screen is illustrated and described below.

Logging in

Picture of the login screen

Enter the username and password you use on the regular PrimeTrader client to log in. Then click "OK".
The mobile phone will store your username between invocations, so you don't have to enter it multiple times. The password must however be entered each time PrimeTrader Pocket starts.

The main menu

Prime Trader Main Menu

The main menu has four simple choices:
  1. Stream quotes: Which shows an overview of all the subscribed quotes.
  2. Current orders: Lists your current orders,
  3. Configure: Which controls your subscriptions.
  4. Quit PrimeTrader Pocket: Which exits the application.
In addition there is a ticker line at the top which shows the last quote for the quotes you are subscribed to.

The stream screen

Streaming quotes

The Stream screen shows a list of all the quotes you are subscribed to. It shows the ticker, the last value, and change today.
From the stream screen you can go to a more detailed view of a single quote, trade in a quote or to the market by price view of a quote.

The detailed view screen

Detailed view of a single stock.

The detailed view show details about a single stock.

The order form screen

The Prime Trader Pocket trade screen

The order form allows you to place an order in any stock. Simply check Buy or Sell, and fill in the quantity and limit you wish to trade for. Then click "Execute" to to submit the order.

The market by price screen

The market by price screen

The market by price screen shows the entire order depth of a single quote, both graphically and numerically.
Up and down buttons may be used for scrolling the screen.

The current orders screen

Current orders screen

The current order screen shows a list of all orders. If the order is active and partly filled it is also shown how much of the order that has been filled. From the menu it is possible to change or cancel the order.

The configure screen

The Prime Trader Pocket configure screen

Enter the ticker of the quote you are interested in and press subscribe. To unsubscribe enter it again. In addition you are automatically subscribed to quotes in which you have traded today.

Indices are treated exactly the same way as quotes, and must be subscribed by their tickers.