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14/11-2017 11:26:13: (AXA) Axactor enters a new forward flow agreement to acquire unsecured Non Performing Loan (NPL) portfolio in Norway.

Oslo 14 November, 2017 - Axactor has entered an agreement to acquire portfolios
on a monthly basis from an International Financial Institution. The portfolios
contain freshly terminated B2C cases, allowing Axactor to manage the cases
throughout the whole collection process. The cases are all B2C claims with an
annual balance of around EUR 2 mill. 

The portfolio commitment will further strengthen Axactor's base in the Norwegian
market. The transaction is, according to Axactor's strategy for further NPL

This portfolio demonstrates our ability to enter markets commonly perceived as
closed to new players. Using Axactor's focus on data and analysis, we expect
this to be one of many acquisitions over the coming years", says Oddgeir Hansen,
Axactor COO.
With different types off strong portfolios in all existing markets, The Axactor
team once again shows that they have managed to position themselves within trade
in the Nordic region says Robin Knowles, Axactor EVP Portfolio.
The acquisition will be financed by Axactor's available cash and our existing
credit facilities.

For further information, please contact:

Oddgeir Hansen
Chief Operating Officer
Cell Phone: +47 95 88 11 06

Robin Knowles
EVP Portfolio Acquisitions
Cell Phone: +44 7930 941 687

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