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28/12-2017 12:30:01: (AFG) AF Gruppen to build at Rygge

AIM Norway has engaged AF Gruppen as the contractor for the construction of the
F135 AIM Rygge, a new and modern engine depot at Rygge in Østfold. 

The engineering procurement and construction comprises of a total of 8,800m2.
This includes an engine workshop, warehouse and offices including technical
installations for AIM Norway. Cross laminated timber will be used in large parts
of the building's construction. 

The agreement which is for the engineering, procurement and construction carries
a total value of 130 Million NOK excl. VAT.

The work will start in May 2018, with completion due in August 2019. 

"This is an important contract for our building unit in Østfold. In partnership
with the client we are looking forward to realizing an exciting project" says
Morten Grongstad, CEO of AF Gruppen. 

For further information:

CEO: Morten Grongstad, tel. +47 99 15 39 05
EVP Building: Henning Olsen, tel. +47 91 74 15 92

Ekstern link:

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