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03/01-2018 08:00:01: (NAS) Norwegian makes several changes to its Group Management

Geir Karlsen Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Geir Karlsen (52) is Norwegian's new CFO. Karlsen comes from the position as
Group CFO at the London-based shipping company Navig8 Group. He has extensive
experience from listed companies within shipping and offshore. Norwegian's
acting Chief Financial Officer Tore Østby continues in the Group Management in a
new position as Executive Vice President Strategic Development. Kurt Simonsen
(59) joins the company as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Geir Karlsen has over the last 12 years held various CFO positions with
international companies such as Golden Ocean Group and Songa Offshore. He now
comes from the position of Group CFO at London-based Navig8 Group, the world's
largest independent pool and management company. Geir Karlsen has a degree in
Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School.

"I look forward to becoming a part of the top management at one of Norway's most
international growth companies and to take part in its ambitions growth plans.
Norwegian has become an internationally renowned airline with an existing fleet
of more than 140 aircraft and a pending order of more than an additional 200.
Aviation is characterized by strong competition, and I hope and believe that my
background and experience will contribute to further developing the company,"
said Geir Karlsen.

"I'm very pleased that Geir Karlsen will be a part of our team. A major part of
his professional experience clearly resembles the airline industry, where lease
agreements and financing of major transactions are key to succeed. At the same
time, he has extensive management experience from major international companies
that is very important to enable Norwegian's global growth," said CEO Bjørn Kjos
of Norwegian. 

Tore Østby continues in the Group Management

Tore Østby, who has acted as CFO since July 2017, continues in the Group
Management in a new position as Executive Vice President Strategic Development.
Østby has 15 years of experience from the financial sector as senior analyst and
analyst manager. In addition, he has seven years of experience from the Orkla
Group. Østby has a degree from BI Norwegian Business School.

"I look forward to continuing at Norwegian. We have had a fantastic development
and amazing future opportunities. Today we have a unique loyalty program, one of
the world's most modern fleets and many interesting business opportunities,"
said Østby.

"During his three years at Norwegian, Tore Østby has made considerable
contributions to the company's growth and success, both as VP of Investor
Relations and acting CFO. A strong management team and a clear strategic
direction are important, and I am very pleased that Tore will continue to be a
part of the Group Management at Norwegian," said Kjos.

Kurt Simonsen Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The third change in Norwegian's Group Management is on the IT side through the
appointment of Kurt Simonsen (59) as new CIO. Simonsen has long and broad
experience from major change and digitization processes, and has during the past
17 years been a partner and co-owner of the consulting company Infocom Group AS.
He also has experience from Hewlett-Packard and Telenor. Simonsen is an
electronics engineer.

"IT is an important and integral part of Norwegian's business and strategy, and
we shall continuously develop the best solutions for our customers while
simultaneously making our operations more efficient and reducing our cost. I am
very pleased that Kurt Simonsen will be a part of Norwegian's management team,"
said Bjørn Kjos.

"The role as CIO at Norwegian is in my opinion the most exciting job opportunity
in Norway today. Norwegian is a company where IT is key to the operation and
with its ambitious growth plans in an increasingly digitalized world, I look
forward to bringing my experience to the table and contribute to making the
company realize its business strategy," said Kurt Simonsen.

Simonsen commences January 2 and Karlsen commences April 3 at the latest. Østby
will continue to act as CFO until Karlsen is on board.  

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