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03/01-2018 17:00:00: Aptean Expands Text Analytics Capabilities With TheySay Acquisition

 they are associated.  
         Media Relations 
         Stephanie Zercher, Aptean  
         678-681-9070cessing (NLP) and deep learning technology. Global 
customers encompass a wide array of vertical markets, some of which include 
financial services, healthcare and media. The company also works with leading 
systems integrators.  
Aptean is a leading global provider of mission-critical enterprise software 
solutions. We build, acquire and integrate industry-focused solutions to 
support the evolving operational needs of our customers, enabling them to 
increase operational efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction and 
loyalty. To learn how Aptean can help your organization stay at the forefront 
of your industry, visit  
Aptean is a trademark of Aptean, Inc. All other company and product names may 
be trademarks of the respective companies with whichnd chief technology officer of TheySay. excited about 
joining Aptean and becoming part of such a respected company that can offer 
additional support and scale for our technology. We see a very bright future 
for TheySay.s emotion AI technology across Aptean.s extensive, multi-industry 
product suite..  
The purchase of TheySay is Aptean.s 16th acquisition since 2015. Financial 
terms of the sale will not be disclosed.  
A spin-off from the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, 
TheySay was established in 2011 and co-founded by Professor Stephen Pulman and 
Dr. Karo Moilanen. London-based TheySay develops leading-edge text analytics 
and emotion AI (artificial intelligence) software and solutions based on 
advanced natural language pro organizations.  
TheySay offers three products: 
  -- PreCeive REST API, TheySay.s plug-and-play SaaS product for advanced text 
     analytics, which enriches raw text data with best-in-breed sentiment, 
     emotion, topic and other rich signals. 
  -- MoodRaker, which offers fine-grained, high-coverage opinion streams across 
     social media and news sources in real time to analyze key performance 
     indicators and predict trends and behaviors around unlimited topics. 
  -- Evamind, the company.s search and data exploration platform for large-scale 
     knowledge discovery and opinion mining. 
.Our relationship with Aptean and integration of our capabilities into Respond 
has opened the door to an exciting new chapter for TheySay,. said Dr. Karo 
Moilanen, founder aespond faster to feedback, predict trends and monitor their reputations, 
which given the power of social media is more important than ever,. said Aptean 
CEO Kim Eaton. looking forward to continuing to add TheySay.s 
capabilities to Respond and exploring additional uses across our portfolio..  
TheySay provides advanced text analytics and emotional intelligence solutions 
to analyze data from multiple sources and rapidly interpret them for various 
signals, such as sentiment and other emotions. This helps businesses form a 
consolidated view of opinions, moods and intent expressed by their customers 
and other key audiences. That capability allows them to more effectively handle 
complaints, predict trends and identify underlying risks and opportunities 
impacting theirAptean
Press release

Aptean Expands Text Analytics Capabilities With TheySay Acquisition

ALPHARETTA, Ga., 2018-01-03 17:00 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aptean, a leading 
global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, has acquired 
TheySay, a best-in-market text analytics platform that uses advanced 
computational linguistics and deep learning to help customers effectively 
monitor, manage and optimize their reputations and business.  
Aptean had already partnered with TheySay to provide sentiment analysis on 
social media and email channels for Aptean.s Respond product, an enterprise 
complaint management solution companies use to provide timely responses to 
customer feedback.  
.TheySay offers some really exciting technology that help customers understand 
and r

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