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23/01-2018 11:57:47: (INSR) Board approval of parent-daughter merger

Reference is made to the stock exchange release published by Insr Insurance
Group ASA ("Insr") on December 21st 2017, where the company announced that the
Boards of directors of Insr and Nemi Forsikring AS ("Nemi") had approved a joint
merger plan for the two companies in accordance with the provisions relating to
mergers of parent companies and wholly owned subsidiaries.

On December 22nd 2017, the joint merger plan was announced by the Norwegian
Register of Business Enterprises and the joint merger plan and related documents
were made available on Insr's website. To effect the merger, the Boards of
directors of Nemi and Insr are required to pass a second resolution to finally
adopt the joint merger after the merger plan and related documents have been
publically available for a month. Such a resolution was passed today.

Completion of the merger is conditional upon (i) expiration of a six weeks
creditor notification period, (ii) approval by the Norwegian Financial
Supervisory Authority of the merger and (iii) no objections having been made by
creditors during the creditor notification period or objections, if any, having
been clarified.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements to section 5-12 of
the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.
Anne B. Knudtzon
SVP Business Controlling & Investor Relations
Phone: +47 926 10 606
E-mail: Anne B. Knudtzon (
Insr Insurance Group ASA was established in 2009 and is an independent insurance
group listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with headquarters in Oslo. Insr has a
license for all groups of non-life insurance, except for credit and guarantee
insurance. The Company's main focus is on the market for property and casualty
insurance for the retail and small & medium sized enterprise segments in Norway
and Denmark. Insr distributes its products mainly through insurance agents and

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