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14/02-2018 13:12:19: (AKERBP) DETNOR02: Distribution event notice

To the bondholders in the Det norske oljeselskap ASA 13/20 FRN (ISIN NO
001068414.5) (the "Bond Issue") issued by Aker BP ASA (the "Issuer") pursuant to
the bond agreement dated originally dated 1 July 2013 and as amended and
restated from time to time (the "Bond Agreement").

All capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the
Bond Agreement. 

On 14 February 2018 (the "Distribution Event Date"), the Issuer made a
distribution to its shareholders in the aggregate amount of NOK 864,178,792.
This notice constitutes a Distribution Event Notice as defined in the loan

The maximum aggregated number of Bonds to be repurchased by the Issuer is equal
to 864,178,792 divided by the Face Value, being 864,178,792 (the "Distribution
Put Bonds"). 

As a consequence of this dividend payment, each Bondholder may require the
Issuer to acquire Bonds at a price of 107% of par plus accrued interest, up to
its pro rata share of 864,178,792, based on the proportion that such
Bondholder's holding of Bonds as of the Distribution Event Date (less Bonds
owned directly by the Issuer) bear to the Distribution Put Bonds. The Issuer
holds NOK 5,776,390 nominal worth of DETNOR02.

The Leverage Ratio as shown in the latest Compliance Certificate is 1.4x. 

The Distribution Put Option must be exercised by each Bondholder within 28
February 2018.

Detailed information on how to exercise the Distribution Put Option, including
each Bondholder's pro rata proportion of the Distribution Put Bonds, will
promptly be forwarded to all Bondholders as registered in the Securities
Depository (VPS) through the systems of VPS (the "VPS Notice"). 

Bondholders (as registered directly in VPS) who do not receive a VPS Notice may
contact the Bond Trustee at to receive a copy of its VPS

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