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20/04-2018 19:47:04: (SALMON) Proxy instructions for AGM 2018

Salmones Camanchaca annual general shareholders' meeting will be held in
Santiago, Chile on April 26th 2018. 

In the referred general shareholder´s meeting, the following matters will be
submitted to vote:
1.	Approval of the financial statements and annual report as of December 31st,
2017. The corresponding financial statements and annual report can be found at
the investors section in the company's website. 
2.	Dividend distribution. A dividend distribution of US$ 0,05081 per share will
be proposed to the general shareholders' meeting. If approved, said dividend
shall be distributed in Chilean pesos, according to the "observed dollar"
exchange rate published in the Official Gazette on May 18th, 2018. The payment
date for the proposed dividend would be from May 25, 2018. Only the shareholders
who are registered in the Chilean register of shareholders of Salmones
Camanchaca S.A. at midnight Chilean time on May 18, 2018 will be entitled to
said dividend. Accordingly, only the investors registered in the VPS on May 18,
2018 will be entitled to said dividend, which shall be distributed by and
through DNB Bank ASA
3.	Board of directors' election for the 2018-2020 period.
4.	Board of directors' wages for 2018. The company's proposal for the board of
directors' wages for 2018 is 90 UF (US$ 4,026.85) per month for each director,
the Chairman being entitled to 2.5 of such sum, which is 225 UF (US$ 10,067.11)
per month[1].  US$ as of April 6th, 2018.
5.	Independent auditors' appointment. PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultores
Auditores SpA is the current appointed independent auditor, and the board of
directors of the company will suggest to renew the appointing of the
aforementioned independent auditor for the purposes of reviewing the accounting,
inventory, balance and other financial statements of the company for the 2018
Information on the aforementioned matter might be found on the site of the
company section
shareholders' meeting 

DNB Bank ASA, in its capacity as depositary bank, is registered as shareholder
in the Company list of shareholders (Register of Members), therefore any voting
by the shareholders recorded in the VPS system will have to be executed through
For such purpose DNB has distributed the attached Proxy. Any questions regarding
the Proxy may be addressed directly to DNB Bank ASA, Registrars Dept. Dir.+47 23
26 80 39

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