11/01-2019 09:59:39: (INVE-A.ST, INVE-B.ST, INU.LSE) Invitation to the media and capital market in conjunction with Investor's Year-End Report 2018

Investor's meeting for financial analysts and the media will be held in Stockholm on Thursday, January 24, 2019, at 10:00 CET at Arsenalsgatan 8C. President and CEO Johan Forssell and CFO Helena Saxon will present the Year-End Report 2018.

The presentations will be in English and webcasted through our website www.investorab.com, where you can also ask questions. If you prefer to listen to the presentation, please call +44 20 3364 5374, +1 855 753 2230 or +46 8 5055 6474.

The presentation material will be published on our website after the meeting, where you can also view and listen to the presentation on demand.

To participate in the meeting, please email Magnus Dalhammar, magnus.dalhammar@investorab.com, or call +46 735 24 2130.

The Year-End Report is expected to be released around 08:15 CET the same day.


For further information:

Viveka Hirdman-Ryrberg, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability:
+46 70 550 3500

Magnus Dalhammar, Head of Investor Relations:
+46 73 524 2130

Our press releases can be accessed at www.investorab.com
Investor, founded by the Wallenberg family a hundred years ago, is the leading owner of high quality Nordic-based international companies. Through board participation, our industrial experience, network and financial strength, we strive to make our companies best-in-class. Our holdings include, among others, ABB, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Mölnlycke and SEB.

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