17/04-2019 15:00:00: (SWEDAS, SWED-A.ST, SWK.LSE) Joachim Spetz appointed new Chairman of Swedbank Robur

Joachim Spetz, previously a Swedbank Robur board member, was today appointed new Chairman of the fund company at the Annual General Meeting 2019. Joachim has for several years held several board assignments and senior positions within the financial industry, primarily in fund and asset management companies.

"The company's business development takes place in close cooperation with the customers, which has resulted in a relevant and innovative product development. In recent years, they have also reformed and further refined their organization. Swedbank Robur is now well equipped to further advance its position. It will be very exciting to support and work to ensure that Swedbank Robur achieves its vision of becoming a world leader in sustainable value creation," says Joachim Spetz, new Chairman of Swedbank Robur.

Joachim Spetz assumes his new role as Chairman of Swedbank Robur in connection with the constitutional board meeting on April 17, 2019.

"With Joachim Spetz we get a chairman who combines an extensive experience of the financial industry with a personal commitment for sustainability issues. Joachim is also an experienced leader who has often highlighted the importance of working to create a good dynamic in the boardroom. In his new role he will strongly contribute to continuing to develop Swedbank Robur in a positive and sustainable direction," says Liza Jonson, CEO, Swedbank Robur.

For further information:
Joachim Spetz, Chairman, Swedbank Robur, tfn: +46 70 694 29 79
Carina Sesser Nylund, Press Contact, Swedbank, tfn: +46 72 230 52 64

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