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15/05-2019 16:23:46: (ENTRA) Entra ASA : Share savings scheme for employees - Purchase of own shares and allocation to primary insiders

All employees in Entra ASA have received an offer to purchase shares for up to
NOK 150,000 at a 20 % discount in accordance with the authorisation given on the
general meeting on 26 April 2019.

The offer price is NOK 102 per share and is calculated as the dividend adjusted
volume weighted average share price in the period from 26 March to 25 April
2019 minus a 20 % discount. The lock-up period for the shares is two years.

101 employees have ordered and been allocated a total of 92,123 shares in the
shares saving scheme. Below is an overview of orders/allocation of shares to
primary insiders as well as their holdings post allocation.

 Primary insider     Role                                     Share Shares post

                                                          allocated  allocation
 Anders Olstad       CFO                                      1 471      44 267

 Sonja Horn          EVP Property Management                  1 471      25 220

 Hallgeir Østrem     CLO                                      1 471      15 290

 Tone Kristin Omsted Head of IR                               1 471      12 855

                     Board member, employee
 Erling Nedkvitne    representative                           1 471      10 855

 Torstein Håland     Head of Controlling                      1 471       9 215

 Åse Lunde           EVP Digital and Business Development     1 471       4 373

 Per Ola Ulseth      EVP Property Development                 1 471       2 074

Entra ASA will purchase the shares for allocation under the share savings scheme
in accordance with the authorisation given on the general meeting on 26 April
2019. The share purchase will start on 16 May 2019 and will continue until 30
June 2019 at the latest. The shares will be purchased in the market with price
and the number of shares acquired by the company reported in accordance with the
applicable regulations.

For further queries please contact: Tone Omsted, Head of Investor
Relations, tel: +47 982 28 510, email:

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section
5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

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